Some News: NRW Trophy 2014 Ice Dance

Due to the rules of the ISU, the NRW Trophy ist seperated in the Interclub competion (restricted to the categorie Non ISU Basic Novice und Non ISU Basic Junior)and the usual NRW Trophy. Get an overview of all competitors here.

As every year, we do have a livestream for you, which is under construction. Hopefully it will be graded up with a special innovation this year. Be curios.

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NRW Trophy 2014

NRW Trophy 2014 Ice Dancing is getting closer. Check out the provosional time schedule and have a look at all entries. If you are using an Iphone, don’t hesitate to download the official NRW Trophy App. Keep up to date with the livestream, latest news, results, videos and photos. Be a part of the live audience even if you are staying at home.

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