Livestream with commentary

daniel domiKeep informed during the competition.
These two guys are not only eating cake, but also commenting the livestream of NRW Trophy 2015. Former german ice dancers Dominique Dieck and  DDaniel-domianiel Hermann will be at the microphones on saturday and sunday. If you are not able to catch the competition live, don’t worry; Videos of all competitors will be uploaded to youtube as fast as possible.

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Official NRW Trophy App

It’s only one week to go until NRW Trophy 2015 starts, so don’t hesitate to download the Offical NRW Trophy App for Ice Dance, Single and Pair Skating. Keep up to date with the latest news, results, videos and photos. Be a part of the live audience by using the new integrated chat in the App to talk to other skating friends from all over the world.

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NRW Trophy 2014 is over

The NRW TROPHY Ice Dance 2014 is over!  We enjoyed the programs of all couples, from novice up to senior category, whishing them the very best of luck for this season and their future.

We hope all of you had a great stay at Dortmund and we say thank you for all your efforts which helped us to make this an event to remember – our competitors with great performances, the judges, technical controller, specialists and the announcer marking a competition in a well-balanced manner and last but not least our volunteers helping the organizing committee to bring into line the NRW Trophy Dortmund Ice Dance 2014. A special thanks to our photographers Petra and Martin Kaczmarek and of course our commentators Dominique Dieck and Daniel Hermann. They all did a great job.

This is to wish you all the very best for the present season.

Just keep in mind: the

NRW Trophy Ice Dance 2015, Dortmund

will again take place at the beginning of November! Hope to see you again!

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Buckland brothers on the podium

Penny COOMES / Nicholas BUCKLAND of Great Britain
danced off with the gold medal in the concluding Senior event at NRW Trophy 2014. Nicholas brothers Joseph BUCKLAND and his partner Olivia SMART claimed the silver medal and the bronze went to Olesia KARMI / Max LINDHOLM of Finland.

Penny COOMES / Nicholas BUCKLAND put out an almost perfect routine to music of the band Muse.  Four elements garnered a level four, while the circular and midline step sequence were rated a level three. They missed their straight line lift, which cost them some points. They remained on the first place with 154.73 overall. „Next week we are participating in the Grand Prix in Moscow, therefore it was important for us, to show our program to the judges. We wanted to know, what kind of levels we will recieve for our elements from the panel. After the judgment we felt confident, but I think we noticed a few things to work on, there’s always growth. I love the competition in Dortmund and the fact that so many categories are competing here. We have a big team of Great Britain here and it’s so good for the young skaters to compare to the rest of the world,“ Nicholas Buckland shared.

Performing to “Sunset Boulevard”, Olivia SMART / Joseph BUCKLAND produced an awesome twizzle and difficult lifts, which were rated level four. They set a new personal best for themselves with 82,38 points. Overall they accumulated 135.13 points. „We are very happy with our performance today. We cracked the score for the world championships in Shanghai, which was the goal, we focused on. Of course you always want to do a clean Free Dance and give your best. We have been a bit busy in the last time, because we had three international competitions in a row so we are looking forward to go home tomorrow and get some days off,“ Olivia SMART commented. „Overall we are very happy with our performance, we qualified for Shangai and that’s a blast for us. We are pretty happy with the score, but today’s Free Dance was a tough one, because after all that competitions we felt tired from travelling. When we are back home, there are a few things we can work on. We concentrated a lot on the technical skills in the last time, now we have to improve the other components,“ Joseph BUCKLAND added. Asked for a rivalry in the competition between him and his brothers Buckland answered quite cleary; „Of course I want to beat my brother, in a competition I want to beat everyone!“
Olesia KARMI / Max LINDHOLM turned in an powerful and passionated tango earning a level four for four elements. The couple
posted a new personal best score with 78,16 points, which added up to 130,44 overall. Olesia KARMI noted: „Our todays performance was ok, but not the best. We have been tired today, because it was the third competition in a short while. The days have been pretty exhausting. Nevertheless, we scored a new seasons best,“ In addition to that Max LINDHOLM said: „We are happy with our silver medal, it’s our first podiumsplacement in the senior category. Our skating was quite clean, but a little bit slow. We like to compete in Germany and Dortmund is everytime a nice competition, it’s well organized and the people here try to help, whatever you want. We had our first senior competition here,“
Barbora SILNA / Juri KURAKIN (AUT) finished fourth witz 125,95 points.  Peroline OJARDIAS / Michael BRAMANT followed in fifth place with 108,54 points and Germany’s Jennifer URBAN / Sevan LERCHE came sixth (102,07 points). Before the competition Peroline OJARDIAS told us, that the NRW is their second international competition and they only want to get out, skate the best and have fun. After the Free Dance Michael BRAMANT added; „The Free Dance was rough. Not for my partner, she was good, but especially for me. During the warm up I stumbled in the twizzle. In our Free Dance, the twizzle was perfect, but in the next step after the twizzle my blades banged together and I fell down. After that everything was a bit shaky.“
Congratulations to all couples. We hope to see you again next year.


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Katharina MÜLLER / Tim DIECK dance to the title

Gold medal winner Katharina MÜELLER / Tim DIECK

Overnight leaders  Katharina MÜLLER / Tim DIECK dance to the title in the Junior competition at NRW Trophy 2014. Sara GHISLANDI / Giona ORTENZI (ITA) collected the silver medal and Sofya POLISHCLUK / Alexander VAKHNOV (RUS) settled for the bronze.Katharina MÜLLER / Tim DIECK put out a strong and passionate performance to Burlesque and scored 77.05 points and accumulated 125.85 points overall, which is a new seasons best.Two lifts, the spin and the feared twizzle merited a level four. „That was even an impovement to the Short Dance yesterday. Everything worked out and we hope the next competitions will be as good as today or even better. We hope to be able to improve our performance until junior worlds in order to show there our seasons best,“ Tim DIECK shared


Sara GHISLANDI / Giona ORTENZI had chosen the movie „the artist“ as their theme and produced a level four combination spin and two level four lifts. She made a little mistake in the twizzle, but the choreography was quiet beautiful and they totaled 118.26 points. „We are pretty happy with our performance, it’s a lovestorys we are presenting on the ice and we really like to do such an emotional routine,“ Sara GHISLANDI shared. „The spin went really well today, thats an element we like to do. We really like the competition her, it’s the third time I’m here and the fourth time for Sarah,“ Giona ORTENZI  said.

The pirates of the carribian Sofya POLISHCLUK / Alexander VAKHNOV turned in a strong and powerful routine which was rewarded with 72.84 points.Overall the earned 117.97 points. Two lifts, the twizzle and one spin merited a level four but one spin garnered a level two only.

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Once more Russian sweep in Advanced Novice

gold medal winner Elizaveta SHANAEVA Sergey SEMKO RUS

Russia’s Elizaveta SHANAEVA / Sergey SEMKO danced to victory in the category Advanced Novice Sunday at the conclusion of NRW Trophy 2014. Their teammates Eva ZAPOROZHSKYA / Alexander BALYKOV slipped to second and Dariia DROZD / Bogdan BOROVLEV (RUS) remained on the third place. Darya POPOVA / Volodymyr NAKISKO of the Ukraine came in fourth (70.45). Elizaveta SHANAEVA / Sergey SEMKO earned a level four for the twizzle and their two lifts and totaled 77,56 points. „It’s the first we are competing in an international competition because we teamed up a short time ago. The judgement of our first dance was not that good, but in the Free Dance the judges realized that we are able to fight and rewarded us with high points,“ Sergey SEMKO noted. His partner Elizaveta SHANAEVA added „The Free Dance was pretty clean and we love our music. we want to thank our coach for choosing the music. We liked the competition in Dortmund and want to come back again.“

silver medal winner Eva ZAPOROZHSKYA / Alexander BALYKOV RUS

Overnight leader Eva ZAPOROZHSKYA / Alexander BALYKOV slipped to the silver, after their Free Dance was the third best in the competition. The young couple picked up a level four for their twizzle and their lift and totaled 73.21 points. „We have been excited to enter the ice as last couple and couldn’t handle the pressure today. We stumbled several times and know that we can do it better,“ the twelve year old Eva ZAPOROZHSKYA commented. „The judgement was fair, so we are okay with the result. It’s the fourth time, we are here and we want to come back,“ Alexander BALYKOV added.

3. Dariia DROZD / Bogdan BOROVLEV RUS

Dariia DROZD / Bogdan BOROVLEV earned level four for their lifts. Overall they picked up 70,65 points. „We are satisfied with the result, but there’s still a lot room for improvement. The last lift could have been better,“ Bogdan BOROVLEV said. „We liked the competition in Dortmund, the audience was really nice.“ Dariia DROZD noted.

Last years silver medal winner Mia JOWITT / Peter BEAUMONT in the category Basic Novice participate in the Advanced Novice category this season and finished 15th with 50.48 points. „We are very confident with our Free Dance. The spin was nice, but we didn’t complete the last lift, which was annoying. But the first lift was strong and the twizzles very good in time. We like our music a lot, we start with a tango and end up in a Charleston. The routine is really fun and fits us.


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Junior and Senior Short Dance

Katharina MÜLLER / Tim DIECK are currently leading the Junior Short Dance

To the delight of the homecrowd Katharina MÜLLER / Tim DIECK of Germany took the lead in the Junior Short Dance. Sara GHISLANDI / Giona ORTENZI (ITA) edged out Yulia TULTSEVA / Grigoriy YAKUSHEV (RUS) for second place by less than one point. Katharina MÜLLER / Tim DIECK earned a level four for their rotational lift and level three for their step sequence but he made a mistake at the twizzle. They earned 48.80 points. „Apart from the annoying mistake in the twizzle we did a good short dance. That should not happen, but we can’t change it now. Nevertheless we really liked our performance and  are pretty happy that we could improve our performance in comparision to our last competition,“ Tim DIECK and Katharina MÜELLER commented. Sara GHISLANDI / Giona ORTENZI earned a level three for their lift and totaled 45,95 points. Yulia TULTSEVA / Grigoriy YAKUSHEV picked up a level four for their Twizzle and their Curve lift.


Penny COOMES / Nicholas BUCKLAND (GBR) danced to the lead in the Senior Short Dance followed by Nicholas younger brother Joseph BUCKLAND and his partner Olivia SMART. Olesia KARMI / Max LINDHOLM of Finland are currently ranked third. Penny COOMES / Nicholas BUCKLAND earned a level four for their lift and their twizzle and picked up 64,40 points. Joseph BUCKLAND / Olivia SMART put out an energetic performance and earned as well a level four for their twizzle and the lift, but she fell during their routine which leads to a deduction. They totaled 52,75 points. Olesia KARMI / Max LINDHOLM earned a level four for their twizzle and their lift, which was unfortunately extended and therefore deducted. The couple captured 52,28 points. „The short dance was not our best, we did a mistake in the lift, which cost us some points. The points are quiet okay, but we are disappointed with the technical site. We didn’t get that much points, we got more for it in the last competitions. But overall, we are satisfied. In the Free Dance we want to skate a clean and good program and especially bring emotions to our skating. It’s not only the technical skills which are important, the expression is important as well. We have some Tango music for the Free Dance, which is a bit different to normal tango music, but really fits us. This year, the music fits better than in the last season I think,“ Olesia KARMI commented.

Good luck to all pairs in the competition for the Free Dance today.


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Ksenia KONKINA / Georgy REVIYA on the podium again

gold medal winner Ksenia KONKINA / Georgy REVIYA RUS

Dortmund seems to be a good place for Ksenia KONKINA / Georgy REVIYA of Russia. After having achieved good results in the Basic Novice and Advanced Novice categories in the last years at NRW Trophy they are now competing in the Non ISU Junior category, because Ksenia is 1/2 year too young for the Junior category. They racked up 92,66 points and earned level four for their two lifts.  „We skated both programs very well, no perfection yet and we want to develop our program throughout the season and polish up our program,“ Georgy REVIYA stated and his partner Ksenia added „the competition was a bit like training, because the secound couple, Polina and Maksim, are our practice mates. We like the organization in Dortmund very much and tomorrow we want to explore the city a bit, because it’s a free day for us.“

Podium Junior (Non ISU)

Their teammates Polina KALININA / Maksim NEKRASOV  put out an energetic and funny routine to Charlie Chaplin music and  totaled 81,12 points. They earned a level four for their straight line lift and their spin „We are confident with our competition, the elements went really well. NRW Trophy is a nice competition, we both have been here last year,“ the couple commented.

Enjoy Ksenia KONKINA / Georgy REVIYA skating to the gold

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Russian sweep in the category Basic Novice

gold medal winner Ekaterina ANDREEVA / Ivan DESYATOV RUS

Overnight leader Ekaterina ANDREEVA / Ivan DESYATOV leads Russian sweep of the podium in the category Basic novice. They totaled 62,65 points and earned a level two for their lift and their twizzle. „We are satisfied with our program, the twizzle went really well today and the points are good,“ Ekaterina ANDREEVA told us. „It’s difficult to be the first one one the ice in the last group. It’s much better to be number three or even the last one, but we managed to deal with the pressure,“ her partner added. Ekaterina ANDREEVA / Ivan DESYATOV told us, that they do 4 hours of ice skating per day completed by choreography and condition practice, which leads to such a high level in such an age.

silver medal winner Sofya TYUTYUNINA / Alexander SHUSTITSKIY RUS

Skating to music of James Brown Sofya TYUTYUNINA / Alexander SHUSTITSKIY took the silver with 59.13 points and earned a level two for the lift. „We skated a clean program, the twizzle went well, as well did the lift,“ Alexander SHUSTITSKIY stated. „Alexander and I are really happy with our silver medal. It’s the second time, we are in Dortmund and last year, we won the competition. But these time, we earned more points, so it’s possible to see that we are getting better. We are proud to show our hard work,“ Sofya TYUTYUNINA noted.

silver medal Angelina ZIMINA / Egor GONCHAROV RUS

Skating to Russian folk music Angelina ZIMINA / Egor GONCHAROV  came in third and racked up 52.94 points overall. Their lift was rewarded with level two, but their twizzle earned a level one. „We are satisfied with the result. In the Free Dance the lift went well, but the twizzle could have been better. In the second pattern dance we lost the music rhythm. That was annoying and we lost some points there. Now we know, what to improve for the next competition,“ Egor GONCHAROV commented. „Overall, the Free Dance went better in the competition than in practice time. It’s was more emotional on the ice,“ his partner Angelina ZIMINA commented.

Podium Basic Novice

Ekaterina ISAICHEVA / Valeriy ANGELOPOL  totaled  51.16 points and came in fourth. Together with their coach the choosed cabaret music for the free dance and earned a level two for their lift. „The Fre Dance was not bad overall, we are satisfied with the lift and the twizzle, but as well we know what to improve,“  Valeriy ANGELOPOL said. „The most important thing is to smile all the time during the competition and to convince the judges,“ Ekaterina ISAICHEVA added.

Enjoy Ekaterina ANDREEVA / Ivan DESYATOV RUS skating to the gold

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Live commentary

Daniel Hermann and Domínique Dieck are ready to inform you on the livestream. We’ll start with the live comment with the Junior competition in approximately 5 minutes. Have fun and enjoy this service.

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2nd Day NRW Trophy 2014

Currently leading Ekaterina ANDREEVA / Ivan DESYATOV RUS

Welcome to the second day of NRW Trophy 2014. At the moment we are in progress with the European Waltz of the Advanced Novice. You can find all videos of these competition here. The Advanced Novice will continue with theTango at 12 pm. After the Pattern Dances of the Advanced Novice we will see the first Free Dances of Basic Novice, Junior (Non ISU) and Basic Novice (Non ISU). In the category Basic Novice four russian pairs Ekaterina ANDREEVA / Ivan DESYATOV of Russia captured the Pattern Dances with 25.02 points. Their teammates Sofya TYUTYUNINA / Alexander SHUSTITSKIY  (24.44p.), Angelina ZIMINA / Egor GONCHAROV    RUS  (18.69p.), Ekaterina ISAICHEVA / Valeriy ANGELOPOL    RUS (18.48p.) came in second, third and fourth. Stace ice dancing coach Vitali Schulz emphasized the high level of the competition and especially the very good dances of the russian and the ukrainian pairs: „The young couples did a great job. The russian and urkainian couples put out technical ambitious performances, the level in the competition was quiet high. Some of the older athletes watched the youn ones competing and were impressed by their strong performances,“ Schulz commented.

Currently leading Irina KHAVRONINA / Nikita TASHIREV RUS
Basic Novice (Non ISU)

Irina KHAVRONINA / Nikita TASHIREV (RUS 22,83p.) took the lead after the Basic Novice (Non ISU) Pattern Dances. Their teammates Irina KHAVRONINA / Nikita TASHIREV Lanotte are sitting in second place with 19,11 points, followed by France’s Ninon TERREAUX / Alrica Baumgartner (17,85p.). In the category NON ISU Junior there are only two couples competing. Russias Ksenia KONKINA / Georgy REVIYA are ranked first with 34.90 points, while their teammates Polina KALININA / Maksim NEKRASOV came in second with 27,59 points.

Have a look at a photogallery of the first competition day.


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1st Day NRW Trophy 2014 Ice Dancing

Dear skating friends,

welcome to the first competition day of NRW Trophy 2014 Ice Dancing. Today we’ll start the competition with the Pattern Dances of the categories Basic Novice, Non ISU Basic Novice and Non ISU Junior. All these young athletes are pretty excited and of course will do their best on the ice. Enjoy the young dancers live at the ice rink, on the livestream or watch the videos on youtube.

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Live Commentary at NRW Trophy 2014

Daniel and Carolina Hermann

Dominique Dieck/Michael Zenkner competing in Dortmund

Keep informed during the competition. The livestream of NRW Trophy 2014 Ice Dancing will be commented in english by former ice dancers Daniel Hermann and Dominique Dieck. They will be there for you on Saturday and Sunday, commenting the Junior Short and Free Dance and the Senior Short Dance. If you are not able to catch the competition live, don’t worry. Videos of all competitors will be uploaded as fast as possible.

The livestream will be ready for Iphone and Android systems and can as well be seen with our App. At the moment it’s only working for Iphone, but we hope it will be published before the weekend for Android systems as well.


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Some News: NRW Trophy 2014 Ice Dance

Due to the rules of the ISU, the NRW Trophy ist seperated in the Interclub competion (restricted to the categorie Non ISU Basic Novice und Non ISU Basic Junior)and the usual NRW Trophy. Get an overview of all competitors here.

As every year, we do have a livestream for you, which is under construction. Hopefully it will be graded up with a special innovation this year. Be curios.

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NRW Trophy 2014

NRW Trophy 2014 Ice Dancing is getting closer. Check out the provosional time schedule and have a look at all entries. If you are using an Iphone, don’t hesitate to download the official NRW Trophy App. Keep up to date with the livestream, latest news, results, videos and photos. Be a part of the live audience even if you are staying at home.

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