Mathilde GRANDIN / Martin CHARDAIN (FRA) dance to the victory (Basic Novice)

Mathilde GRANDIN / Martin CHARDAIN

1. Mathilde GRANDIN / Martin CHARDAIN FRA

Overnight leader Mathilde GRANDIN / Martin CHARDAIN (FRA) danced to victory in the Basic Novice Ice Dance competition. Yelyzaveta KRAPIVNA / Yegor RYBALCHENKO of the Ukraine took the silver medals while their teammates Anna CHERNIAVSKA / Volodymyr GOROVYI moved up from fourth place to take the bronze.

Mathilde GRANDIN / Martin CHARDAIN competed in their first international competition to finish with 63,07 points. They earned a level three for their Straight Line Lift and remained at first place. Their coach told us “we are satisfied with the result. The couple is very young, Mathilde is 10 and Martin 12 and we had a little mistake in the Free Dance in the twizzle. They were ranked first after the pattern dances and they felt the pressure today while skating.”


2. Yelyzaveta KRAPIVNA / Yegor RYBALCHENKO

Yelyzaveta KRAPIVNA / Yegor RYBALCHENKO earned a level three for their Rotational Lift and their step sequence to total 62,41 points. “We are very happy with our skating today. I like to go to the Trophy it’s the fourth time I am here in Dortmund and I want to come again next year,” Yelyzaveta KRAPIVNA commented.

Anna CHERNIAVSKA / Volodymyr GOROVYI turned in a strong performance to tango music that featured a level two lift and twizzle and step sequence. They scored 61,33 points to vault up from fourth place to take the bronze. “It’s our first international, so we are very satisfied to be on the podium. I like the tango music we skated to,” Anna CHERNIAVSKA noted.

Ninon TERREAUX / Alric BAUMGARTNER (FRA) slipped from fifth to fourth (60,89 points) followed by Emma BRUEY / Justin GRIMSINGER (FRA, 56,84 points).

Victory Ceremony Basic Novice

Victory Ceremony Basic Novice

The couple from Dortmund, Diana KIST / Erik ERNST finished their first international competition with a 12th place and 40, 37 points. “We are very pleased with our competition, we didn’t expect so much points. We’ll continue to work on our programs and elements and move forward from here,” Diana KIST said. “We had a lot of fun on the ice, which was great. Now we want to wark hard, to improve our result. We would like to participate at the German Championchips next year,” Erik ERNST added.


1. Sofiia KIIENKO / Oleksii SCHUROV

1. Sofiia KIIENKO / Oleksii SCHUROV

Sofiia KIIENKO / Oleksii SCHUROV (UKR) skated tot he vitory in the category NON ISU Basic Novice with 46,29 points. skating to music of the musical „Ratatouille“ Paula KAPPIS / Jan EISENHABER of Germany took the silver medal with 40,80 points. „We are pleased with the competition. We saw improvement in our technical skills and that’s what counts. It’s a bite more relaxing to skate in a small field of participants, because you know, you’ll be on the podium,“ Paula KAPPIS commendet. „I am especially confident with our lift in the Free Dance. I liked the competition a lot,“ Jan EISENHABER said.

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