Eva KHACHATURYAN / Andrey BAGIN (RUS) take Junior Short Dance

Eva KHACHATURYAN / Andrey BAGIN (RUS) took the lead in the Short Dance followed by Italy’s Sara GHISLANDI / Giona Terzo ORTENZI and Ria SCHWENDINGER / Valentin WUNDERLICH of Germany.

1. Eva KHACHATURYAN - Andrey BAGIN (Junior Short Dance)

1. Eva KHACHATURYAN – Andrey BAGIN (Junior Short Dance)

Eva KHACHATURYAN / Andrey BAGIN picked up a level four for their twizzle and rotational lift and a level three for their second Starlight Waltz to receive 56.48 points. Dancing to Waltz by Jacques Brel and Foxtrot by Edith Piaf ”, Sara GHISLANDI / Giona Terzo ORTENZI  produced a level-four starlight waltz and a level-three twizzle to score 52.15 points. Ria SCHWENDINGER / Valentin WUNDERLICH’s dance to waltz and foxtrot by Frederick Loewe. Their routine included a level-four twizzle and two level-three waltzs. They earned 50.80 points, which is a personal best. „We think our performance today was quite good today. It was a good experience for us and we hope to get qualified for the Junior World Championship if we work on,,“ the couple commented.

Anzhelika YURCHENKO / Volodymyr BYELIKOV (UKR) are ranked fourth at 50,47 points followed by Katia FEDYUSHCHENKO / Lucas KITTERIDGE (GBR) with 47.26 points.

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