Young russian couples convince with high-leveled performances

As their coach Maria Borovikova predicted Russias’s Eva ZAPOROZHSKYA / Alexander BALYKOV skated off with the gold medal in the Basic Novice B category. Anna BOGOMOLOVA / Ivan DESYATOV took the silver and the ukrainain couple  Sofiya LIZOGUB / Danylo YEFREMENKO  vaulted from fourth place to take  the bronze.

The Russian couple totaled 53,28 points and overtook Anna BOGOMOLOVA / Ivan DESYATOV (44,26) to earn the gold. The young russian couples  put out a strong routine and impressed the crowd by difficult elements and smooth footwork. Sofiya LIZOGUB / Danylo YEFREMENKO of the Ukraine totaled 35,02 points
The first german team Anne-Marie WOLF / Kieren WAGNER  came in 4th and missed a place on the podium with only 0,71 points.

Tanja Szewczenko & Norman Jeschke are visiting NRW Trophy 2012

World bronze medalist Tanja Szewczenko, visited her old trainingsbase in Dortmund to watch the competition with her boyfriend and skater Norman Jeschke and daughter Valentina.  „The little kids competing her in Dortmund are very cute and very professional. You can see some new talents here and it`s much much better to watch a high-leveld competition like this, than watching shows like „the Supertalent“ in tv. Probably we see some  tomorrow’s world champion s.“ Tanja said. Norman added „Especially the russian pairs convince with a very advanced level in their performances. It`s amazing, that these young kids performing like this.“


Please enjoy the Free Dance of Eva ZAPOROZHSKYA / Alexander BALYKOV


Gold medal winner Daria SHIROKOVA /Egor POZDINIAKOV

Result Basic Novice After Free Dance

Daria SHIROKHOVA / Egor POZDNIAKOV  of Russia danced to the gold medal. Ukraine’s Daria POPOVA / Georgiy YAGUDAYEV  claimed the silver and the bronze went to Peggy BEECK / Leon WAGNER  of Germany.

Daria SHIROKHOVA / Egor POZDNIAKOV delivered a strong performance  and picked up strong 57.01 points.  Daria POPOVA / Georgiy YAGUDAYEV totaled 41,41 points and the Germans scored 16,43 points for the Free Dance and remained  third at 26.13 points overall.


Please enjoy the Free Dance of gold medal winner Daria SHIROKHOVA / Egor POZDNIAKOV



Two german couples at the podium

Alisa RAIKOVSKAIA happy in Dortmund

Alisa RAIKOVSKAIA / Daniil ZVORYKIN ( 67.76)  of Russia danced to victory in the basic junior competition on Sunday at NRW Trophy. Germany’s Flora MUEHLMEYER / Tim OBERLAENDER ( 54.36) claimed the silver medal and the bronze went to their teammates Tabea ABENDROTH / Danny WUTTKE ( 52.21).

Victory Ceremony Advanced Novice

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