Shari and Christian claim Junior’s gold

Gold Medal Winner Shari KOCH / Christian NÜCHTERN

Shari KOCH / Christian NÜCHTERN  of Germany danced to victory in the high leveled junior competition on Sunday at NRW Trophy. Frances’s Gabriella PAPADAKIS / Guillaume CIZERON claimed the silver medal and Sofia SFORZA Francesco FIORETTI ITA of Italy secured the bronze.
Shari KOCH / Christian NÜCHTERN defendet their lead after the Short Dance and racked up 147,30 points overall with their beautiful program. „We are very satisfied. We didn`t expect the win, because the french team is currently ranked second in the world. But their mistake in the twizzle in the Short Dance gave us the chance to make the best of it,“ Shari stated. „We are very proud to beat one of the favorites for the European Championchips. We changed the last part of the Free Dance and still have to work on it,“Christian summed up.

Gabriella PAPADAKIS / Guillaume CIZERON

Gabriella PAPADAKIS / Guillaume CIZERON produced an flawlessly programm and totaled 145,36 points. „I am not really satisfied with the result, but Gabriella and Guilaumme delivered a clean performance. It was not perfect, but in my eyes they had to win,“ their coach Romaine Hagenauer commented. Sofia SFORZA Francesco FIORETTI  put out  a passionate dance to movie soundtrack of “Schindler`s List” and „Angels and Demons and scored 133,39 points. „We are satiesfied with the result. It’s always nice to be in the first places, we are happy for this. We love our music and we went out there and wanted to show our emotions. We really feel the music and have it in our hearts. It`s amazing to skate to it,“ Sofia commented.

Maria SIMONOVA / Dmitriy DRAGUN of  Russia came in fourth   (129.31) and Turkey`s Asiye Cagla DEMIRSAL / Berk AKALIN   finished fifth  (124.83). „I really like this competition. It`s a great opportunity to compete international for young skater. Meeting all the international coaches is great. It`s a perfect organization and a warm atmosphere here. All competitions should be organized like this,“ their coach Nathalia Dubova commented.

Irina Zhuk, coaching the South Korean couple  Rebeka KIM / Minov KIRILL (123.26) who came in sixth, spoke highly of NRW Trophy „I really enjoyed the nice competition. The level is very high and the atmosphere, the audience and the organization are very good here. The competition has been growing all the years and it`s really huge now. My couples competed very good today and they really enjoy to be in Dortmund.“

Enjoy Shari Koch / Christian NÜCHTERN dancing to the gold

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