Florence CLARKE / Tim DIECK are ranked 3rd after the Short Dance

Rebaka Kim /Kirill Minop KOR

Rebaka KIM / Kirill MINOV of Korea took the lead in the Junior Short Dance. Eva KHACHATURIAN / Igor EREMENKO  placed second and Germany’s Florence CLARKE / Tim DIECK finished third. Olivia SMART / Joseph BUCKLAND of Great Britain and Kathrin HÄUSER / Sevan LERCHE of Germany lie in the waiting line. Rebaka KIM / Kirill MINOV  collected 53,68 points,  Eva KHACHATURIAN / Igor EREMENKO earned 49,11 points and Florence CLARKE / Tim DIECK  captured 43,84 points. “We are satisfied with the place and the score.  In comparison to the last competition it was a huge improvement. We made some little mistakes in the Quickstep, but the other elements went well,” Tim Dieck explained. Olivia SMART / Joseph BUCKLAND collected 43,44 points. „They missed one of their lifts in the Short Dance, which cost them some points. They will give their best tomorrow in the Free Dance to earn some good points and improve their place in the world rankings. It’s the first international competition for our second couple Eleanor HIRST / Jake FEARNLEY and the scored personal best in the Short Dance, thats great. Last year I told my older athletes that we have to take our young couples with us this time. It’s a good opportunity here for the young kids to watch the Junior and Senior categories,“ their coach Philip Askew commented.

Sarah Mari ROUFFANCHE / Geoffrey BRISSAUD, who are coached by Olivier Schoenfelder, former French ice dancer, who is the 2008 World champion, the 2007 European and the 2008 Grand Prix Final champion with partner Isabelle Delobel, came in 6th (40,92p.) „Sarah and Geoffrey  skated good in the Short Dance. It’s their first year in Junior so I am pleased if they remain on the sixth place or maybe win a place. My second couple, my secound couple Audrey and Frantz got a deduction, because they had to interrupt their program because of an open lace. I hope the Free Dance will be better,” he commented.

Florence Clarke /Tim Dieck GER

Martin Skotnicky, coach of the German National team, observed the completion very thoroughly. He thinks it’s very important for him to visit the competition to get an impression of the level of performance of the german cadre athletes like Koch/Nüchtern. It was planned for him to coach the team Tanja Kolbe /Stefano Caruso, but they withdrew from the competition due to the circumstances of the time. “The organization of the competition is always very professional but it still feels a bit familiar here. I only have to criticize that there is no stand, that’s a pity. The competition is well-established and maybe there would be more viewers if there’s a better stand” he stated.

Result Junior after Short Dance

  1. Rebaka KIM / Kirill MINOV KOR 53,68p
  3. Florence CLARKE / Tim DIECK GER 43,84p.
  4. Olivia SMART / Joseph BUCKLAND GBR 43,44p
  5. Kathrin HÄUSER / Sevan LERCHE GER 41,13p
  6. Sarah Mari ROUFFANCHE / Geoffrey BRISSAUD FRA 40,92p
  7. Leah-Magdalena STEFFAN / Benjamin STEFFAN GER 40,57p
  8. Anzhelika YURCHENKO / Volodymyr BYELIKOV UKR 37,14
  9. Eleanor HIRST / Jake FEARNLEY GBR 36,64p
  10. Audrey MADELON / Frantz Michael ROUFFANCHE FRA 35,92p
  11. Carina GLASTRIS / Nicholas LETTNER GRE 35,83p
  12. Marisa SAILER / Theo BAUTA GER 34,34p
  13. Polina GORLOV / Eduard VISHNYAKOV GER 33,50p
  14. Elena ISAYCHEVA / Alexandr EVMENOV RUS 33,08p
  15. Eugenia TKACHENKA / Yuri GULITSKI BLR 32,40p
  16. Daria RUMYANTSEVA / Dmitry RYABCHENKO RUS  31,88p
  17. Bendetta BIFFI / Lorenzo GIOSSI ITA 30,94p

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