Charlene GUIGNARD / Marco FABBRI (ITA) dance to the lead (Senior)

1. Charlene GUIGNARD Marco FABBRI ITA 59,40p

Charlene GUIGNARD / Marco FABBRI (ITA) won the Senior Short Dance and collected 59,40 points.  Alisa AGAFONOVA / Alper UCAR DIAZ (TUR) came in second and Allison REED / Vasili ROGOV (ISR) are currently ranked third. AGAFONOVA / UCER DIAZ earned 52,37 points and REED / ROGOV captured 50,98 points. “We are pleased with tonight’s performance and happy about the points. We earned 8 points more than at the Nebelhorn Trophy which is great. We made little mistakes, but the season is still young, so there is still time for improvement,” Allison Reed commented.

3. Allison REED Vasili ROGOV ISR 50,98p

Kharis RALPH / Asher HILL of Canada came in 4th with 50,35 points. It’s the first time that a Canadian team participates in the NRW Trophy and team coach Juris Razgulaevs (former World Junior champion in ice dancing) told us before the Short Dance that they didn’t get a break after the last competition “We have been in Dortmund for a few days and trained here. It’s my expectation that my couple skate a clean program today. The Free Dance of the two can be a lot of fun for the audience, it’s some latin music they are dancing to” he stated.

Shari KOCH / Christian NÜCHTERN are currently ranked 5th with 49,73 points. “It’s our aim to do our best and earn some good points. It would be perfect to crack the norm for the Olympic games in Sotschi, which is 134 points,” Shari Koch commented and their coach Oleg Rykin added “ there is a big difference between the Junior and the Senior category. First of all Shari and Christian should deliver a clean program.”

5. Shari KOCH Christian NÜCHTERN GER 49,73p

In the senior category we welcome a very popular former competitive ice dancer; Natalia Linichuk, who is working as a coach now. With her partner and husband Gennadi Karponosov she was the 1980 ice dancing Olympic champion and two-time World champion. Now Linichuk is a coach in Aston,Pennsylvania coaching two Senior teams at the NRW Trophy.  Carter JONES / Richard SHARPE of Great Britain are currently ranked 10th with 45,86 points and  Anastasiya GALETA / Avidan BROWN (UKR) came in 12th (37,11p). “They both teamed up a short time ago, so the first goal here is to get some experiences.  Not the place is important but to skate a clean program. Both couples competed a short time ago, so there was not much time to take a rest.,” Linichuk explained.

Today the competition will be concluded with the Free Dances in the category Advanced Novice, Junior and Senior. We wish you an exciting and fair competition. We hope you will enjoy your stay at the ice rink or at home, watching the livestream.

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