Rebaka KIM / Kirill MINOV danced off with the gold

Rebaka KIM / Kirill MINOV KOR 130,59p

Korea’s Rebaka KIM / Kirill MINOV danced off with the gold medal in the Junior category. Eva KHACHATURIAN / Igor EREMENKO of Russia took the silver and the britain couple Olivia SMART / Joseph BUCKLAND vaulted from fourth place to take the bronze.
The Korean couple put out a flawless program and totaled 130,59 points to earn the gold. „We are pretty happy, because it’s our first time on the podium,“ Rebaka KIM commented.  Eva KHACHATURIAN / Igor EREMENKO (127,79) remained second and took the silver . Olivia SMART / Joseph BUCKLAND of Great Britain totaled 118,96 points and pulled up from fourth to third. The first German couple Florence CLARKE / Tim DIECK  came in 4th and missed a place on the podium with only 1,94 points. They are followed by their German teammates Leah-Magdalena STEFFAN / Benjamin STEFFAN GER (104,43p) and Kathrin HÄUSER / Sevan LERCHE GER (102,84p).

Skating to “Once Upon a time in Mexiko Olivia SMART / Joseph BUCKLAND delivered a strong performance “It’s a great competition here, we feel really welcome and in the end we are satisfied with the overall. We were a bit disappointed after the Short, because we fell and missed the lift. Otherwise it was a good show, but the ending was spoiled. The Free Dance, we are very happy with,” Joseph Buckland commented. Olivia Smart explained that they changed their music in the season and are now skating to “Once upon a time in Mexiko” “We had one piece of music first, but then we decided to change it, because we heard the song in the radio. Today we are very very pleased. In comparison to yesterday, where we have done the fall and the lift thing. We were more in the attacking mode, than in dance mode. We can do this program very well, we know that, so we just had to go out and concentrate and take our time and do our best,” she stated.

Florence CLARKE and Tim DIECK with their coaches Vitaly Schulz and Jimmy Young

Skating to “Moonlight Serenade” Clarke and Dieck put out a beautiful routine. “We are satisfied with tonight’s performance, in comparison to yesterday and the last competitions we improved our performance,” Tim DIECK commented and Martin Skotnicky added “Our German couples left a good mark. They all presented very good, only Kathrin and Sevan could skate better, but nevertheless achieved the norm for the national cadre.”

As well mentionable the personal bests of Eleanor HIRST / Jake FEARNLEY (GBR 96,48p) and Carina GLASTRIS / Nicholas LETTNER (GRE 95,87p). “We are happy about the points, it’s 20 points over our seasonal best. We really enjoyed doing both programs, the atmosphere here is very good. The elements in the Free Dance worked really well, probably the best Free Dance we ever had. Maybe a few elements were a bit wobbly, but we didn’t make any big mistakes,” Jake FEARNLEY said.

„The Short Dance was a bit rough. We missed a twizzle but overall we are pleases with our performance. We made a lot of improvement in the last time, the footwork was better and the quickstep sequenze as well. It was not the best Short Dance, but a good one,” Carina GLASTRIS stated. “I was a bit stiff in the legs yesterday, and it felt good to get down with my legs again today. It’s only 1 ½ year we teamed up, it’ not a long time, we’re working together,” Nicholas LETTNER added.  GLASTRIS explained “We learned how to work as a team in the last time, that helps us skating better.”

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