Pernelle CARRON / Lloyd JONES dance to the victory

1. Pernelle CARRON Lloyd JONES

France’s Pernelle CARRON / Lloyd JONES danced to victory Sunday at the conclusion of NRW Trophy 2012. Cathy REED / Chris REED of Japan earned the silver medal and Valeriya STARYGINA / Ivan VOLOBUEV of Russia vaulted from fourth place to take the bronze. Russia`s Kristina GORSHKOVA / Vitaliy BUTIKOV came in fourth (130,21) and Charlotte AIKEN / Josh WHIDBORNE 126,23 finished fifth.

France’s Pernelle CARRON / Lloyd JONES danced to the french song „La Chanson des Vieux Amants“ and totaled 147,47 points. „We are pretty happy to gain the gold. It`s a nice event here, very well organized and it was a pleasure skating here.  We want to come back here. We always try to make something new in our program. This season we have special lifts and a spin, people haven`t seen before. We always try to make new things for the audience. And our music is quite special. It`s a french song and we have a Canadian guy, who mixes the music especially for us,“ Jones stated.

Cathy REED / Chris REED

Cathy REED / Chris REED put out a  technically solid and energetic performance of their dance to music of „The Beatles“. The couple picked up 84,95 points and totaled 140.83 points. „It`s the first time, we are competing here in Dortmund and it`s a very nice competition. What I liked most about the competition is the fact that there are also Novice and Junior pairs competing here. I am very impressed by their talents. For us it was the first competition for the season and it was not perfect, but a good start. We had a difficult last season due tu injuries and startet the season late in summer. It was planned to compete at Nebelhorn Trophy, but we canceled it and decided to compete at NRW Trophy. We had a great time here and really enjoyed it,“ Cathy Reed noted.

Victory Ceremony Senior

The Russian couple Valeriya STARYGINA / Ivan VOLOBUEV scored 84.35 points for their beautiful Free Dance which added up to 135.23 points overall. Charlotte AIKEN / Josh WHIDBORNE of Great Britain danced to „Singing in the rain“  and presented one classic and one modern version of the song. „It`s their first Senior year and they have a really nice Free Dance with some nice lifts. They are performing „Singing in the rain“ in two versions, one modern and one classic. The result after the Short Dance is okay, but not the best,“ their coach John Dunn commented previous to the Free Dance.

Enjoy Pernelle CARRON / Lloyd JONES dancing to the victory:


Results Senior after Free Dance

  • Pernelle CARRON / Lloyd JONES 147,47
  • Cathy REED / Chris REED 140,83
  • Valeriya STARYGINA / Ivan VOLOBUEV 135,23
  • Kristina GORSHKOVA / Vitaliy BUTIKOV 130,21
  • Charlotte AIKEN / Josh WHIDBORNE 126,23
  • Allison REED / Vasili ROGOV 124,35
  • Louise WALDEN / Owen EDWARDS 117,24
  • Alisa AGAFONOVA / Alper UCAR 113,43
  • Henna LINDHOLM / Ossi KANERVO 105,72
  • Katharina MUELLER / Justin GERKE 100,391
  • Natalia KALISZEK / Michal KALISZEK 94,95
  • Sarah May COWARD / Georgi KENCHADZE 90,01

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